“Niramit Jittanakorn City” animation for education, principles, and religions

Jittanakorn, a script written by Somdej phra yan sangwon and Somdej phra Sangkhrat Sakolmahasangkaprinayok in 1970, by using thoughtful facts and practices for mental management with youth and people and explaining morals using an individual to act by following the passions or morals. The story does not happen somewhere else, but in our mind.

In 1982 the King requested to publish in Apilakkit when the Queen was 50 years old. This valuable script has been continuously published and broadcasted until present, in order to honor Somdej phra yan sangwon and Somdej phra Sangkhrat Sakolmahasangkaprinayok.

In order to honor Somdej phra yan sangwon, Somdej phra Sangkhrat Sakolmahasangkaprinayok and have a channel to broadcast Buddhism morals via modern digital media for people in new generation to understand and apply easily, SIPA together with Wat Bowon have introduced the story called “Niramit Jittanakorn”, which is produced in the form of digital media or animation totaling 29 episodes. All the steps were done by Thai people and it was honored by Dr. Phra Sakkayawongwisut (Anilman Thammasakiyo) who provided suggestions on important steps such as content interpretation, script writing, and design. It is expected to be fully completed in September 2016. In additions, it will be broadcasted in institutions or to people who are interested, understand Buddhism morals and be able to apply in daily life. The animation “Niramit Jittanakorn City” contains 29 episodes with sign language, packed in a box, totaling 5,000 sets. The school show activity will be arranged for 20 schools in Thailand for building knowledge on Buddhism morals to youth.

In addition, SIPA has also broadcasted the media together with Department of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Culture Thailand on Visakha Bucha Day from 14 – 20 May 2016 at Sanam Luang. General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the priminister visited the event and watched demo animation “Niramit Jittanakorn City” which was shown on “Buddhism Furthered Week Festival of Visakha Bucha Day 2016”. The event received great attention from children and youth. For more information, contact Corporate Communications, Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization): Telephone 0-2141-7158 / Mobile 094-545-5054 Email ccd@sipa.or.th Example “Niramit Jittanakorn City”.