depa proceeds with the Digital Startup Project Selecting the 10 winning teams for the abroad internship

Date: 21/04/2017 | Center
DEPA proceeds with the Digital Startup Project
Selecting the 10 winning teams for the abroad internship
At present, DEPA significantly provides the support for the new digital startup entrepreneurs.  The digital startup enterprises emphasize on the digital technology as a base to bring about the creative products and services. Namely, it is the combination between the innovation and business. With DEPA’s support, the digital startup SMEs are promoted to serve as the main drive of the national economy. In the same time, DEPA’s support creates a large number of new digital human resource who will have a role in the country’s economic development.
DEPA realizes the significance of the digital economy and wants to promote the better understanding of the digital economy among the new generations and the public. In the same time, DEPA supports and develops the digital human resource for the future industrial market. DEPA’s policy aims to create the digital entrepreneurship in line with the government’s policy on economic development which requires the technological implementation. The digital economic strategy is expected to promote the Thai entrepreneurs to grow and achieve the business success.
Mr. Meetham Na Ranong, the senior expert, Acting DEPA Vice-President asserted that nowadays the digital technology involves in all economic sectors, ranging from agriculture, foods, health, medicine, machinery, finance, education, design and tourism. However, Thailand is still in need of a large number of digital human resource and experts. Therefore, DEPA, as the main agency in industry promotion, serves as the center of the digital startup business promotion. It launched the Digital Startup Project to ignite the inspiration, develop the human resource potential, stimulate the creativity, and develop the creative works for the actual usage and business operation. The Digital Startup Project is the innovation creation project with the purpose to develop the digital entrepreneurship.
The Digital Startup Project selected the proposed interesting ideas which could be further developed to enhance the business potential. More than 500 teams across the country participated in the activity. DEPA selected only 40 teams. Then, it arranged the Level Up Camp activity to enhance their potential. During the camp, the senior staffs closely took care the teams to prepare them for the final round of the competition. The last 10 teams will be trained as the apprentice in the leading organizations or companies abroad. The camp also translated their creativity into the real implementation. The Level Up Camp was held during 28 April – 1 May 2017 at Amornphan Villa Hotel in Rayong Province.
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