Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) teams up with Department of Tourism to introduce provincial characters all over the country in a bid to continually promote character design by Thai designers

Date: 28/04/2017 | Center

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) announces the success of Character Design Workshop, which is aimed at enhancing the potential of Thai designers, and “Thailand’s Provincial Character Contest”. It has recently selected 20 outstanding works and 5 best characters and also announced its readiness on a pilot project under collaboration of the Department of Tourism to further develop the best characters to each province’s character. Interested persons can see all participating characters at Thailand Comic Con 2017 on April 21-23 at 5th Floor, Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon.
Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanpatcharin, Director of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), said, “Right now, the digital content industry is one of Thailand’s industrial clusters that enjoys continued growth and export and is expected to generate more revenue for the country in the future. According to a market survey in 2015, the market value of the digital content industry was more than 12 billion baht and total export value exceeded 1.5 billion baht. In addition, Thai entrepreneurs have the potential and are internationally recognized for digital content production. The industry is likely to grow further with high potential to generate more revenue for the country’s various industrial clusters including animation and gaming. Digital content developed by Thai entrepreneurs is not second to other countries; some animated cartoons that are well recognized are Khan Kluay, Pangpong and Khun Thong Daeng, as well as most recently Yak, which is unique and contemporary and retains Thai identity, and the cutie Nong Mamuang created by new-generation Thai cartoonist and very famous in Japan. With these renowned characters, Thailand’s digital content industry has a promising future and can be developed to other businesses if more Thai people are interested in Thai-built work.
As a result, DEPA has initiated Character Design Workshop with an aim to promote Thai cartoons under the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy regarding New S Curve which applies digital innovation and technology to new product or service development in order to increase business value. The project obtains cooperation from the Department of Tourism to introduce the best characters to each province and community, and create each province’s identity and promote tourism. Designed characters can be improved and used for each province’s products to create more value and tell about each province’s story. They can also be developed into games, toys and collectibles to create more value for each province.
Miss Wansiri Morakul, Director-General of Department of Tourism, said, “The collaboration is contributed by the government sector’s emphasis on Creative Economy industry which will add more value for various clusters, especially tourism. The Department of Tourism has made prototypes of community products to help communities generate more income. The concept is consistent with Character Design Workshop initiated by DEPA, so the department expects cooperation between the government organizations in using each province’s character to promote recognition and support tourism. It expects to create Thai-made characters to be each province’s ambassador. The most important thing for promoting character recognition and attractiveness is that these characters must clearly identify each province and embrace life and soul. Initially, the Department of Tourism will discuss with each province to use these characters in tourism publications to create recognition and then it will further develop these characters with Merchandising method and use them on each province’s OTOP products”.
Five winners of the projects will be entitled to work as trainees at Studio Gale, the creator of Pororo, in South Korea for 1 month. Five winning works represent inspiration and concept to create distinctive characters for each province as below:


Character of Ubon Ratchathani Province
by Nawan Chunhasiri (Atom)
Khon Little Dinosaur
Character of Khon Kaen Province
by Phimabsorn Chaisiri (Yaya)
Kai Nui
Character of Surat Thani Province
by Waritsara Rattanasophon (Por)
Character of Loei Province
by Sorn Sornphaisan (Job)
Character of Nakhon Sawan Province
by Ekarat Worasamutprakan (Aon)

“DEPA aims to encourage Thai designers and further improve Thailand’s digital content industry to the international stage. Since it is the era where technology and digital are major drivers of the country’s economy, our operations are based on strategies and clear action plans aiming to create sustainable environment, enhance competitiveness and encourage Thai designers to be competent thinkers, creators and transmitter of stories via unique and contemporary cartoon characters. We expect that Thailand’s digital content industry, which has readiness on skills and personnel and the government’s support, will promote Thailand as ASEAN’s digital content hub in the near future”, said DEPA Director Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanpatcharin.
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