Digital Economy Promotion Agency Phuket creates startups to serve Govt’s Smart City

Date: 22/02/2017 | Center

Digital Economy Promotion Agency Phuket Office recently held Startup Challenge for Smart City to welcome suggestions from startups all over the country on digital technology concepts that conform to Phuket Smart City Development Plan in 7 aspects: Smart Tourism, Smart Economy, Smart Safety, Smart Environment, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education and Smart Governance. 13 qualifying teams will be chosen from 55 participating teams and only 5 finalist teams will receive 500,000 baht prize money. The winning teams’ suggestions will be adopted to create sustainable services. Phuket Governor Dr. Chokchai Dejamornthan honorably attended the event.

Mr. Pracha Asawathira, manager of Digital Economy Promotion Agency Phuket Office, said Smart City development overseas has been rapidly and sustainably initiated because of strong cooperation from the private sector, especially Startups that help create various services for concrete and sustainable development of Smart City. The 13 qualifying teams include:

1.Travelism: Online Traveling Platform on kiosk, web and mobile applications;

2.PillPocket: Personal health assistant system for patients who continually take medication via Chatbot;

3.PaiDuay: Carpooling system for travelling resource management;  

4.CoinEx: Coin exchange machine for tourists before departure;

5. AirportTels: Fast and safe luggage transport service between airport and hotel for modern travelers who can spend their time more effectively;

6. Fak-Rod: Online car deposit service application;

7. MoonFoi: Smart Platform for waste management which turns garbage into money for a better Phuket;

8.SmartQ: Online queuing system for outpatients to save waiting times at hospitals;

9.FreeLance Hub: Safe Real-time Employment Application and Website for employers and employees;

10. LareDoin: Wireless personal tracking system;

11. Mr. Phuket: Smart Chat for Smart City;

12. Market Price: Effective online "Smart Purchasing System" and

13. Park Lot: Real-time parking lot finding.

The 13 qualifying teams were provided knowledge by famous startup guru Phathai Phadungthin, founder of and president of Thai Tech Startup Association, Kittinan Anuphan from Claim Di and Police I Let U, startup expert in insurance and capital raising, and Surawat Phromyothin from fashion business startup STYLHUNT. In addition, Mr. Thanaphong Naranong, assistant executive director for the joint venture division of Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited or known as InVent; Mr. Sam Tansakul, caretaker of Krungsri UniStartup and Fintech of Bank of Ayudhya; Mr. Watchara Aimwat, CEO of Computerlogy Co., Ltd. and president of Thai Tech Startup Association; and Mr. Phumikit Raktaengam, vice president of Phuket Tourism Business Association and director of Phuket Smart City, formed the panel of judges.
The 5 winning teams were Travelism, AirportTels, MoonFoi, SmartQ and Market Price. All teams were provided with useful advice by Phuket Governor Dr. Chokchai Dejamornthan on Phuket development plan by using digital technology to continually and sustainably serve demand in Phuket.
For more information, please contact:
Mr. Pakorn Chaiyasit, Digital Economy Promotion Agency Phuket Office
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