Discussion session regarding “Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Home : Technology to change life”

Date: 28/04/2017 | Center

“Nowadays, the Internet of Things or IoT has been widely used in many countries, including world’s leading companies. It can be clearly seen through the changes of devices in everyday life which have been developed into smart devices. It can also exchange the information more freely. The impact of IoT can be seen in both the technological industry and in every sector of industry and business. One of the most impact sector is real estate business, especially housing which is very close to individual’s life. Many household devices have been widely developed with the help of IoT. The most obvious example is the remote control of household devices through mobile phone. This is the confirmation showing that IoT is very close to our life. Adaptation and appliance to IoT is now unavoidable in the fields of business, perception, learning, and applied usage. Therefore, IoT has become the advancement of business and developers who are clearly interested in it.

In order to work in alignment with Thailand 4.0 policy which is focused as the vision by the government that can change the traditional economy into the innovation economy, which can be subsequently moved forward by technology, creativity, and innovation, preparedness in human resource or human development to digital economy is highly important in terms of developing citizen to be the force of digital acceleration of the country. This means linking the urban life via basic utilities and technology. This also includes facilitating lifestyle and general economic growth. Therefore, linking the IoT developer network in national level to become the center of high function human resource and community is necessary. Digital Economy Promotion Agency, therefore, realizes to the importance of development and building knowledge and understanding of IoT for university students, developers, and people in the areas of technology, information technology, and computer, including general people who are interested in IoT to be able to develop IoT with sustainability.”