DEPA Services

Quick One Stop Software Solution Service

DEPA plays a vital role in supporting business sector based on the established annual project plan, including coordinating with and assisting software industry in solving problems with the aim to strengthen software entrepreneurs and enable them to compete in global market. Today, DEPA mainly offers services in supporting software entrepreneurs covering two aspects including One Stop Service and Software Enterprises Certification Registration Service, allowing software entrepreneurs to gain advice and investment promotion from DEPA free of charges.

One Stop Service
Complete consultation service

starting from general business operation, business planning for acquiring financial support, investment promotion, financial source access and software application advice. Currently, DEPA offers three types of consultation services by specialists to assist software entrepreneurs which include

Consultation service on trademarks.

Consultation service on SME businesses.

Consultation service on investment promotion, intellectual property rights protection and the use of licensed software.

Software Enterprises Certification Registration Service

Software Enterprises Certification Registration Service is among many free services provided by DEPA and is done through the selection and grouping of entrepreneurs to ensure that the needs of each business sector are accurately met. Certain criteria have been established to inspect entrepreneurs prior to registration to ensure accurate database and at the same time to ensure that every entrepreneur can access the measures and benefits provided by DEPA.

Benefits of Software Enterprises Certification Registration Service


registered software entrepreneurs will have the chance to be considered for software enterprises certification

News Updates & Activities

Software entrepreneurs will be able to receive updates on news and marketing activities such as measures for supporting financial source access, investment promotion and tax benefits, etc.

Business Partners

widening business opportunities and partnership promotion through nationwide network of registered companies under DEPA