Digital marketing promotion project for Thai SMEs

การเพิ่มศักยภาพในการแข่งขันของผู้ประกอบการกลุ่ม SMEs
According to the government’s policy to drive Thailand to the digital economy by promoting the use of information technology to support the new modern era of economy, SIPA therefore organized the digital marketing promotion project for Thai SMEs. The project is aimed at encouraging the SMEs to use information technology to increase income and opportunities in competition by using the Enterprise Resource Planning system to benefit the production and services and to support electronic transaction of the industry by the public and private sector. The project will result in the expansion of economy. The activities include;
  1. Development of information technology to support the changes of business to e-business
  2. Encouraging SMEs to use the system
  3. Promoting the potential of operators with technology digital
  4. Conducting and distributing a manual for data storage system
  5. Holding training and seminars for participants
  6. Conducting summaries and reporting the results of the project

The activities in the project have been successful when compared to the target as follows;

ตัวชี้วัด ค่าเป้าหมาย ผลการดำเนินงาน
1. Number of service receivers who make transactions through project 400 person 403 person
2. Trading value of the project 30 million baht 30.67 million baht
3. Number of participants of the SMEs development project to enter e-business and industry 500 person 630 person
4. Number of operators that use database to store data 400 person 408 person
5. Number of participants of central database for products project 500 person 624 person
6. Number of products in central database 1,200 List 1,389 List