Skill, production, marketing, and network of digital content development project

Digital Content อีกกลุ่มธุรกิจที่จะก้าวเข้ามาเป็นกำลังหลักในการสร้างรายได้ให้ประเทศไทย

Digital content production is currently a high-potential industry that the government wants to drive systematically under the digital economy policy. It is expected that digital content will generate a great amount of revenue to the country.
The Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Agencies) or SIPA, a main agency to promote the industry, has recognized the importance of that policy and wants to support the development of ability and set the ground for professionalism among students and staff, which are considered the most important resources, to be able to produce projects. SIPA also wants to develop the digital content skill for industry development and the use of ability, creativity, and technology in business and to develop professionalism.
SIPA therefore organized Young Professional Digi Talent Program to create professionalism, awareness, value, and network in the digital content industry in Thailand and other countries. The details of the activities are as follows;

  • 9 August 2016: Launch of Character Design Workshop
  • 2-3 September 2016: Orientation and training of participants of Character Design Workshop at Kantana Studio, Kantana Group Plc.
  • 4 September 2016: Interview to select Character Design Workshop participants at Kantana Studio, Kantana Group Plc.
  • 12 September 2016: Announcement of 20 participants of Character Design Workshop
  • 19-23 September 2016: In-depth training of Character Design Workshop at Kantana Movie Mall, Kantana Group Plc.
  • 3-7 October 2016: 20 participants visiting animation event in Japan